The Parents of LPS group states as its mission to “…fully support the spirit of the school, enhancing the opportunities of our children to become effective citizens.”

They aim to achieve this by:

  • fostering a sense of community
  • being a channel for providing relevant information in a timely manner to parents and staff
  • positively promoting the school and its philosophy
  • purchasing resources to directly benefit students of the school

Membership is open and free to all parents and guardians of students at the school.

The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm. Meetings alternate between online and face to face. The date of the next meeting is included in the school newsletter.  Meetings are informal and provide an opportunity for parents to meet each other, share ideas and learn more about the school.

Parents of The LPS Parents’ Club promotes the welfare of, and support to, the school and its community. By interacting with the school and other parents, people use their skills and experience to work collaboratively with others in supporting the school and its students, and build a sense of community within the school.

For more information, please contact us by email: or phone (03) 6334 0234.

Parents of The LPS Office Bearers:

Chairperson: Adam Sutton

Treasurer: Amelia Padgett

Secretary:  Steph Brake