Meet our staff

Mrs Leonie McNair (Co-Principal)

English (9-12yr olds)

Mrs Harriet Thyne (Co-Principal)

English (7-9yr olds)

Philosophy (7-9 yr olds)

Miss Jacqui Wise

Kindergarten (4-5yr olds)

Mr Edward Barnes

Science (7-12yr olds)

  HASS (9-12yr olds)

  Digital Technologies

(9-12yr olds)

Mrs Alice Batten

Early Learning Director

(3-4 yr olds)

Mrs Rebecca Howard

English (5-7yr olds)

Drama (5-7 yr olds)

Science (5-7 yr olds)

Philosophy (5-7 yr olds)

Mrs Melissa Freeland

HASS (7-9 yr olds)

Mathematics (7-9 yr olds)

Drama (7-9 yr olds)

Miss Nicole England

Mathematics (5-7yr olds)
HASS (5-7yr olds)
Art (5-7yr olds)

Philosophy (5-7yr olds)

Mrs Angela Chapman

Musical Studies (4-12 yr olds)

Digital Technologies Technology (5-7yr olds)

Mrs Alysha Chugg

Currently on Leave

Miss Sarah McCambridge

Health and Physical Education (3-12yr olds)

   Philosophy (9-12yr olds)


Mrs Jane Dean

French (5-12yr olds)
Art (7-12yr olds)

Drama (7-12yr olds)


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Michael BurgessMathematics (9-12yr olds) Digital Technologies

(7-9yr olds)

Mrs Margaret Turner

Teacher Aide

Mrs Tammy Goss-Edmunds

Teacher Aide

Mrs Manor McGuire

Teacher Aide


Mrs Suzie Pickett

Teacher Aide

Mrs Jody

Business Manager

Mrs Kate Torney

School Secretary

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